Faithful Response workshops

teach about traumatic stress management


Faithful Response and LDRNY recently sponsored two workshops for the Nassau County's Department of Health, Clergy, CERT CARE Team, and Medical Reserve Corp on Comprehensive Acute Traumatic Stress Management (CATSM). Dr. Ray Shelton facilitated these workshops. Dr. Shelton directs Professional Development for the American Academy of Experts in traumatic stress. He has been a member of the Emergency Service community for 39 years and has been with the Nassau County Police Department's Academy for 30 years as the Director of Health and Emergency Care training.

CATSM is a pragmatic process that addresses the emergent psychological needs of individuals, groups and organizations experiencing traumatic stress associated with a wide spectrum of traumatic events (e.g., accidents, illness, criminal victimization, natural disasters, etc) CATSM is an integrated, multi-component program for the provisions of crisis and disaster mental health services.

CATSM may be viewed as a series of "practical tools"? that provide the framework for managers, educators, emergency responders, clergy, medical and healthcare personnel, catastrophe response teams and others who find themselves in a position to assist victims of crisis. To learn more about CATSM you can visit The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress at

To attend future workshops sponsored by Faithful Response on CATSM and related topics, contact Michael Arcari, 516-679-0080 or

Clergy and others at CERT training