Dr. David Grand, Clinical Director of Faithful Response, presents a Free Advanced Screening of a new documentary

COME HELL OR HIGH WATER is a cinema verite style narrative documentary which follows the healing journey to post-Katrina New Orleans by three trauma survivors from New York with trauma therapist/filmmaker Dr. David Grand. This unique film is an emotionally powerful, unscripted, real life drama.

The featured survivors include Rose, a mother of a firefighter who died on 9/11, Judy, a singer who survived a night-club suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, and Dennis, permanently disabled in an industrial accident.

Together they set out on a 1,300 mile healing road trip to New Orleans . During the course of the week the survivors interact with victims of Hurricane Katrina and visit the sites of flooding and destruction. With Grand leading the way, the team encounters arranged and unpredictable healing opportunities with Katrina survivors, and for themselves. Opportunities to help these survivors, rescuers, health workers, local politicians and musicians deepen and widen the powerful journey.

What happens? How do they bond? What chance experiences, crises and conflicts emerge? Who struggles and who prevails? How are they transformed forever by the challenge? What hidden demons are driving Grand throughout the story? COME HELL OR HIGH WATER weaves a colorful tapestry of stories within stories culminating with the road trip home, returning to the city and the lives they left behind.

One of the crucial aspects of a trauma survivor’s recovery is telling their story - and being heard. Telling one’s story is a crucial step in releasing trauma and returning to a comfortable, functional life.. However, the acknowledgement of the effects of trauma on its victims has been historically short-lived as evidenced by the fleeting attention given to suffering of traumatized soldiers returning from WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Over and over, the flags go up and shortly thereafter are taken down, often leaving the survivors isolated and forgotten. In fact, only in the mid-1970s was the diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) accepted as an actual diagnosis.

September 11th and Hurricane Katrina were remarkable events in the sense that they brought attention to the effects of these existential traumas, which made its mark on millions of our citizens. This film joins together these two historical events by bringing together survivors of both, drawing in the audience and taking them along on the compelling roller coaster healing journey of the characters and the compelling people they encounter on the way to and in New Orleans. It is an unforgettable emotional ride filled with surprises that viewers cannot resist.