Rev. Tom Taylor, left, with John J. Scibilia

All the saints are together

in our response to suffering


Executive Director John J. Scibilia speaks at Grace Church, North Bellmore

Dr. John J. Scibilia, LDRNY Executive Director, celebrated All Saints Sunday at Grace Lutheran Church in North Bellmore, on Nov. 6. Grace Lutheran is the home of Faithful Response, an LDRNY 9/11 mental health program funded by the American Red Cross. The Rev. Tom Taylor is pastor of Grace and serves as Deputy Coordinator of LDRNY and Asst. Director of Faithful Response.

In his All Saints message, Dr. Scibilia said, "We are called to church to be in fellowship with the Lord and with each other. God brings us here to sing praises to God together, to gather around and hear God's word together, to pray together, to commune at the Lord's table together, and to go out together to serve the Lord and the people God loves out there together.

"When I'm at Ground Zero working with victims' families and survivors, you all are there. When Pr. Taylor gives comfort through his chaplaincy to those affected by 9/11, we are all there. As the people of Grace Lutheran provide a home to Faithful Response, we are all here.

And when God's people - God's saints - God's holy ones - do all these things together, they become what the Scriptures describe them to be: The Body of Christ -- bonded in Christ -- by a common heart and will, which is His -- living and working together, as Christ Himself worked and lived and died to the Glory of God."


More Good Work through Grace Church

Faithful Response's Taylor, left, and Joan Keville

Recently this letter was received by Faithful Response Director Michael Arcari and Pr. Taylor from Cindy Roy, Trinity- Astoria, Queens.  Arcari and Pr. Taylor did a presentation at Trinity.  Grace Church houses the offices of Faithful Response.

"Driving all the way to Astoria on a Saturday afternoon and spending your considerable time and energy with Trinity was admirable and I thank you both. Faithful Response is a ground breaking program that intrinsically understands that time does not always bring healing and is responding to a growing need in New York. All New Yorkers can be proud of this innovative healing response but the accolades goes to both of you.  There is a possibility of learning to transcend circumstances and events, coping and functioning but transformation only comes from bringing the soul and spirit into therapy and that is a basic assumption of your program.      You both are living out of your Christian beliefs which is unusual in itself.  Thank you for what you have created and thank you for your willingness to bring your knowledge to struggling people."?