Our Therapists

Olga G. Bauer, Ph. D.,LCSW

Olga G. Bauer has earned a Doctorate in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Social Work. She has a private practice in Roslyn, N.Y. where she works with individuals, couples and teenagers. Her experience includes training in EMDR, PTSD, CISD, the Addictions and Bereavement. She is affiliated with Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS), a national organization that provides Bereavement services to families of police killed in the line of duty. Olga also provides psychological testing and evaluations for Special Needs Children and Parent Training for Kids First Evaluation & Advocacy Center, Inc.



Robert F. Bauer, LCSW

Robert F. Bauer has a Master’s Degree in Social Work. He is a retired Nassau County Police Officer and worked out of the Employee Assistance Office, providing services (individual, couple and family counseling) to Police Officers and their families. Bob has training in EMDR, PTSD, CISD, the Addictions and Bereavement. Bob is affiliated with Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S) a national organization providing bereavement services to families of Police Officers killed in the line of duty. Bob is Founder and Chair of Mental Health Professionals in Law Enforcement (M.H.P.L.E.) a membership of  Local, County, State, and Federal Police Officers who are also Mental Health Professionals. M.H.P.L.E. provides networking, referrals, and training for its members.



Linda Beliveau, LCSW

Linda Beliveau is a licensed clinical social worker working with individuals at all levels of development from early childhood through adulthood. She received her B.A. with honors in psychology from Mercy College and completed a Masters in Social Work at New York University . Her postgraduate training includes certifications in Divorce Mediation from the Center for Family and Divorce Mediation, CBT of Disaster-Related PTSD Prolonged Exposure Therapy from Columbia University and The NYS Psychiatric Institute, EMDR from the EMDR Institute and has studied Brainspotting with Dr. David Grand. To learn more about Ms. Beliveau and her treatment approach please visit www.20-20pathways.com



Uri Bergmann, Ph.D.

Uri Bergmann, Ph.D., is in full-time private practice, in Commack and Bellmore, N.Y. He is an EMDR Institute Senior Facilitator and Presenter and an EMDR International Association Approved Trainer and Consultant. Dr. Bergmann is currently serving on the board of directors of the EMDR International Association. He is a lecturer and consultant on EMDR, the neurobiology of EMDR and the integration of EMDR with psychodynamic and  ego-state treatment. He has authored and published journal articles and book chapters on the neurobiology of EMDR and serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Traumatology and the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research.  He has been awarded board certification in Clinical Social Work (American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work), Behavioral Medicine (International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy) and Pain Management (American Academy of Pain Management).



Janice Cilento, LMSW

Janice Cilento, (LMSW,) is a trauma therapist, who coordinates outreach and program development and provides counseling for St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center World Trade Center Healing Services of Lower Manhattan. In addition, she is a steering committee member for the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network. She is the creator and coordinator of the Community Concert and Healing Arts Exhibition, which is an annual evening highlighting the art and writing pieces created by individuals affected by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Ms. Cilento was previously a clinical coordinator and program developer for the Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations’ post September 11th support program, Project NYCope, named by Project Liberty as one of the ten top most successful outreach programs in the largest mental health service mobilization effort ever. She is a graduate of Fordham University and Molloy College. She is an EMDR Practitioner and trained in Brainspotting and Natural Flow EMDR techniques. She has dedicated the last 4 years of her professional career assisting family members, rescue and recovery workers and survivors heal from the effects of September 11.



Mella Clancy, LCSW, CASAC

Psychotherapist, EMDR Facilitator and Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC). Formally trained at Adelphi University, and EMDR Certification Programs. Currently employed by Nassau BOCES servicing at risk children and adolescents. Maintaining a private practice at two locations on Long Island in Bellmore and Hicksville. The focus of my work/expertise is in providing therapy for traumatized clients. In addition to this focus I work with clients who struggle with addictions, panic and anxiety, depression and bereavement. Treatment modalities include individual, group and couples counseling.



Irene Hajisava, LCSW

Irene Hajisava is a licensed clinical social worker and family therapist in private practice with over 20 years of clinical experience. She is a Level II trained EMDR therapist, and has worked extensively with 9/11 responders and survivors both at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, including individual trauma work and in debriefings. She has also worked with the Concerns of Police Survivors groups facilitating grief workshops.



Patrick J. Hawkins, LMSW

Patrick Hawkins is a retired State Police Investigator and former Director of the New York State Police Employee Assistance Program. He holds a masters degree in Social work from SUNY Stony Brook with a specialization in alcohol and substance abuse. He is a member of the International Critical Incident Stress foundation, trained in critical incident stress management  and an EMDR trained therapist. He worked at the World Trade Center Ground Zero coordinating peer support services for police personnel and with Home Ground providing individual counseling to emergency service workers affected by the collapse.



The Rev. Martha S. Jacobi, M.Div., LCSW

Pastor Jacobi is a minister of the ELCA, serving in a specialized ministry of pastoral psychotherapy since 1994. Ordained in 1981, she has served parishes throughout the territory of the Metropolitan New York Synod. Pr. Jacobi is currently a Pastoral Associate at the St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Manhattan. She also maintains a private practice in Manhattan and Queens. Pr. Jacobi specializes in trauma and spirituality. She has been a consultant to the MNYS Domestic Violence Task Force, and was a clinical supervisor for the New Ground Day Camp mental health staff. Pr. Jacobi is an EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist. Since 9/11/01, she has ministered extensively with individuals, families, congregations, and first-response/relief agency personnel affected by the events of 9/11 and its aftermath.



Michelle Neary, LCSW

Michelle Neary is a licensed clinical social worker with over seven years experience.  Ms. Neary specializes in working with trauma, addiction, bereavement, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.  She has worked extensively with 9/11 responders and survivors and their family members.  Ms. Neary co-authored the article, “The Portal Project:  A Layered Approach to Integrating Trauma into Alcohol and other Drug Treatment for Women.”  She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University.  She is currently employed by St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center’s World Trade Center Healing Services.  Her postgraduate training includes certifications in EMDR Level II from the EMDR Institute, CISM from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse from NYU, and is also a Certified Auricular Acupuncturist.  She maintains a private practice in Manhattan. 


  Martha Outcault, RN, MS, NPP

Trained clinician in EMDR as well as a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. Her experience is with adults as well as adolescents in both the psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatment of psychiatric disorders. Her treatment approach and goal is to maintain each person as a whole. She has a private practice in Huntington.



Susan Pinco, LCSW


Susan Pinco, LCSW, BCD, CCR

Since receiving her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University, Susan has worked for more than 20 years as a clinician, consultant, trainer and life/relationship coach. She is EMDR Certified and has extensive training in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Brain Spotting. Susan is currently in private practice, specializing in trauma, in Northern New Jersey and New York City. Susan has worked extensively with 9/11 responders, 9/11 families, and survivors. She has provided post 9/11 counseling and debriefing services to both the NYPD and the FDNY. Susan is co-founder of the City Crisis Team of New York, a multi-disciplinary team with advanced training in crisis intervention for communities, groups and individuals. Her clients include individuals ages 2-85, couples, families and groups struggling PTSD, anxiety, depression, trauma & loss, relationship difficulties, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, chronic and terminal illness.  Susan also offers training in Crisis Intervention, Physiological Responses to Trauma, Effective Listening, Stress Management and the Mandala of Being.



Christine Ranck, PhD, CSW

Christine is a trauma therapist who practices on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Before becoming an EMDR therapist, she was a psychoanalyst for many years. She is affiliated with the St. Luke's Roosevelt Rape Intervention Program. Her specialties include childhood trauma, bereavement, and violence against women, as well as creativity enhancement for professional artists and non-professionals.



LuAnn Skolnik, CSW

LuAnn Skolnik is a licensed CSW in private practice. She served as the director of the High Risk Youth Program for the North Shore University Hospital/Long Island Jewish Health System. She is both Level II EMDR and  Reiki II trained. She has extensive clinical experience in working with children and families with HIV/AIDS, trauma, abuse and chronic long-term illness.



Garda J. Spaulding, LCSW

Ms. Spaulding’s work in the trauma field began in 1979, while interning at a family and children service agency in Montana. She went on to develop an In-home treatment model for families traumatized by abuse and neglect. Since earning her MSW, (Columbia University; NYC, 1987) she has been involved in treating the trauma associated with physical and sexual abuse, displaced adolescents, and migration to the United States. After completing her Certificate in Family Therapy (Ackerman Institute for the Family; NYC 1992). Ms. Spaulding’s interest in the interface between trauma and eating disorders led her to treat adolescents and their families as they struggled to heal and cope with that overwhelming issue. Being curious about how compulsive over-eating acts as an attempt to quell the impact of trauma, she then developed compulsive overeating programs for both women and men. Ms. Spaulding continues her work with trauma as she provides EMDR treatment for those affected by the collapse of the World Trade Center. She maintains a private practice in Forest Hills, Queens and Manhattan.



Carl Zanetti, LCSW

Carl Zanetti is an LCSW who is in private practice. He is an adjunct professor in the School of Social Work at Adelphi University, an EMDRIA Certified EMDR therapist, and a Certified Auricular Acupuncturist. Carl has extensive experience in the treatment of individuals and couples suffering from PTSD, Sexual Abuse, and Substance Abuse. He also has significant experience working with impaired professionals and provides clinical supervision to therapists who wish to advance their skills.



Mary Zanetti, LCSW

Mary Zanetti is an EMDR trained LCSW in private practice. Much of Mary’s experience is in the provision of treatment for Post Trauma issues, Sexual Abuse, and Substance Abuse. Mary’s success in practice lies in the treatment of adults. She also has significant experience and a passion for working with adolescents and families.